B2B Offerings

Dear Colleagues and Future Partners,

We are excited to offer you a unique opportunity for collaboration with the Nefitra project — an innovative platform that is reforming the approach to trading, providing traders with access to significant trading capitals and educational resources.

Nefitra offers a unique opportunity for traders of all levels to demonstrate their skills and gain access to real trading accounts with balances ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. Our mission is to support and develop talented traders by providing them with the necessary resources and conditions to achieve significant results in the financial markets.

We are offering partnerships to exchanges and exchange platforms, focusing on the following areas of cooperation:

  • Listing of our token NFTRA.
  • Exchange of experience and development of joint products in AI and web3.
  • Generation of new traders, future potential customers.
  • Creation of joint products and DAOs.
  • Expansion of business through access to our global partners.

We are reaching out on behalf of the Nefitra Project, a company with twenty years of rich experience in the financial sector and a significant presence in the cryptocurrency world since 2014. Our CEO, Boris Besker, an experienced OTC trader at the Kraken exchange, ensures a deep understanding of trading and investing, confirmed by the best in the industry.

Why you should become our partner:

  1. Innovative Technologies: Nefitra is at the forefront of technological progress, using blockchain to create transparent and efficient financial instruments, including NFTRA tokens and NFT coupons.
  2. Market Growth and Development: As more and more people learn about the opportunities in trading, the demand for our services continues to grow. Partnering with Nefitra allows you to secure a place in this rapidly evolving sector.
  3. Mutually Beneficial Cooperation: We offer our partners favorable terms of cooperation, including access to our extensive network of traders, as well as the opportunity for mutual promotion of services and products.
  4. Extensive Client Base: Collaborating with Nefitra opens access to a wide base of active and motivated traders, providing excellent opportunities for cross-selling and expanding your business.
  5. Support and Development: Our team is always ready to support partners, providing the necessary resources and assistance to achieve common goals.

We are confident that collaborating with Nefitra will bring significant benefits and help you reach new heights in your business. We value each partner and strive to build long-term and fruitful relationships.

Terms of Cooperation:

  • We offer partners 50% of the profits from subscription sales.
  • We are ready to place our liquidity pool on partner accounts, thereby creating new opportunities for managing traders.

In return, we expect the listing of our token and a comprehensive set of promotional services.

We take pride in our long-term collaboration with private investors and traders and are ready to expand our circle of partners, including your company. We are confident that joint efforts will open new horizons for both sides.

For further discussion and to clarify mutual interests, please contact us via: partners@nefitra.com, Telegram: @Nefitra_Official_Support

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and thank you for your interest in our proposal.


The Nefitra Project Team