Road Map


The roadmap for the Nefitra project, starting from the inception of the idea in 2019, presents a comprehensive plan covering key development stages. Here's a detailed description:

2019: Idea Conception and Company Formation

Q1-Q2 2019: Concept Formation:

  - Market research and project goal definition.

  - Business model development.

Q3 2019: Company Establishment and Team Recruitment:

  - Company registration (April 2019).

  - Recruitment of key team members, including developers, marketers, and analysts.


2019-2023: Platform Development and Staff Expansion

2019-2021: Core Platform Development:

  - Prototyping and development of core features.

  - Testing and optimization.


2021-2023: Expansion of Features and Staff:

  - Gradual addition of new features (initiation of artificial intelligence development under the guidance of Professor Vadim Borisov, President of the Russian Artificial Intelligence Association).

  - Hiring additional specialists and expanding the team.


2022-2023: Community Building

Q2 2022 - Q4 2023: Community Formation and Development:

  - Creation of online platforms for communication (forums, social media groups).

  - Organization of events and webinars for community members.


2023-2024: Token Development and Release

November 2023 - January 2024: Smart Contract Development and NFTRA Token Release:

  - Creation and testing of the smart contract.

  - Release of the NFTRA token.


February 2024 - May 2024: Token Listing on DEX and CEX:

  - Listing of the NFTRA token on DEX and CEX.

  - Launch of marketing programs for the project and token sales.

  - Start of development of a bot in Telegram.

  - Development of a staking algorithm.

  - Development of a system/algorithm for investor protection (NFT coupon).


May 2024 - June 2024: Integration of the NFTRA token into the Nefitra project.

    - Start of application development.

    - Listing on other CEX platforms.

    - Start of the Airdrop program.

May 2024: Integration of Utility Token into

  - Implementation of the token into the platform's ecosystem.

  - Update of the rewards and payments system.


2024-2025: Security Token and Mobile Applications Development

Q2 2024 - Q1 2025: Development and Release of the Security Token:

  - Development of the concept and legal structuring of the security token.

  - Exchange of NFTRA utility tokens for security tokens (company shares).

Q2-Q4 2024: Development of iOS and Android Applications:

  - Design and development of mobile applications.

  - Testing and optimization of applications.


2025 and Beyond: Service Expansion and Improvement

2025-2026: Enhancement of Token Integration and Platform Development:

  - Expansion of token use across all aspects of the platform.

  - Addition of new features and improvement of the user interface.

2026-2027: Collaboration with Trading Communities and Network Expansion:

  - Deepening collaboration with trading communities.

  - Development of partnership programs.

  - Creation of a holding company to manage subsidiary projects/companies.

2027 and Beyond: Continuous Update and Scaling:

  - Constant updating and improvement of all project aspects.

  - Exploration of new opportunities and markets for expansion.

  - Development and release of a security token for the holding.

  - Distribution of holding security tokens (shares) among all subsidiary company security token holders proportionally.

  - Completion of AI development for autonomous trading of company capital and partner funds' capital.


This development plan outlines a strategic and structured approach to the growth and evolution of the Nefitra project, with a focus on innovation, community engagement, and continuous improvement.