White Paper NFTRA Token

1. Introduction and Overview

The Nefitra project is a platform designed for ambitious traders looking to expand their capabilities and improve their trading skills. With a unique approach to skill testing and providing access to real trading accounts, Nefitra creates an environment for the development of talented traders in the financial markets. Nefitra offers traders a unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills and gain access to real trading accounts with balances ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.



2. About Us

Our team is focused on finding, supporting, and developing talented traders by providing them with the resources and conditions necessary to achieve outstanding results. The project team consists of experienced specialists in futures, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies, ensuring a deep understanding of market needs and challenges.



3. Tokenomics and Token Description

- Token name and ticker: NFTRA

- Issuance and launch: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

- Smart contract standard: BEP20

- Total token supply: 10 million NFTRA tokens

- Initial price: 1 NFTRA$1.318


The NFTRA token smart contract was developed and released by the German company Bitbond GmbH, located at Lottumstraße 26, 10119 Berlin, Germany. More information is available on their website: [Bitbond](https://bitbond.com).

- Smart contract address: 0xa23dEc15f8758a551e374769C12CC58d0396aeaF

Further details can be found in the provided file.


4. Technical Details

The NFTRA token implements the BEP20 standard, incorporating additional features such as taxes, deflationary mechanisms, a cap on the number of tokens per address, and token minting and burning. Security and integration with wallets and platforms are ensured through modern technological solutions. More details can be found in the technical document or directly in the smart contract code.



5. Token Usage

1. Reward and Incentive Model:

   - Description: Traders receive NFTRA tokens as rewards for successful trades, achieving specific goals, or participating in educational programs.

   - Benefits: Encourages trader activity and loyalty, promotes learning and skill enhancement.

2. Governance Participation Model:

   - Description: NFTRA token holders have voting rights in important project decisions, such as development strategy selection or new platform features (to be implemented as a DAO).

   - Benefits: Creates a community of engaged users, enhances trust and transparency.

3. Commission Reduction Model:

   - Description: Use Nefitra tokens to pay for fees and commissions on the platform at discounted rates.

   - Benefits: Increases token demand and makes the platform more attractive to users.

4. Access to Exclusive Features Model:

   - Description: Traders can use NFTRA tokens to access exclusive features like advanced analytical tools, personal consultations, and unique trading strategies.

   - Benefits: Increases user engagement and creates an additional revenue stream.

5. Referral Program Model:

   - Description: Introduction of a referral program where users receive Nefitra tokens for bringing new traders to the platform.

   - Benefits: Helps expand the customer base and increase brand recognition.

6. Token Trading Model:

   - Description: Offers the ability to trade Nefitra tokens on the internal platform or through external cryptocurrency exchanges.

   - Benefits: Enhances token liquidity and attracts new investors.

7. Education and Development Model:

   - Description: Development of educational programs or courses accessible with NFTRA tokens.

   - Benefits: Improves trader skills and increases token demand.

Further details can be found in a separate document.



6. Development Strategy and Plan

The Nefitra project's roadmap, beginning with the inception of the idea in 2019, presents a comprehensive plan covering key development phases. Here is a detailed description:

2019: Idea Inception and Company Formation

Q1-Q2 2019: Conceptualization

  - Market research and defining project objectives.

  - Development of the business model.

Q3 2019: Company establishment and team formation

  - Company registration (April 2019)

  - Recruitment of key team members, including developers, marketers, and analysts.


2019-2023: Platform Development and Staff Expansion

2019-2021: Development of core platform features

  - Prototyping and development of main features.

  - Conducting testing and optimization.

2021-2023: Expanding functionality and staff

  - Gradually adding new features (initiation of artificial intelligence development under Professor Vadim Borisov, President of the Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence).

  - Hiring additional specialists and team expansion.


2022-2023: Community Building

Q2 2022 - Q4 2023: Community formation and development

  - Creating online platforms for communication (forums, social media groups).

  - Organizing events and webinars for community members.


2023-2024: Token Development and Release

November 2023 - January 2024: Smart contract development and NFTRA token launch

  - Creation and testing of the smart contract.

  - Issuing NFTRA token.

February 2024 - May 2024: Token listing on DEX and CEX

  - Listing NFTRA token on DEX and CEX.

  - Initiating marketing programs for the project and token sales.

  - Starting the development of a Telegram bot.

  - Developing staking algorithms.

  - Developing an investor protection system/algorithm (NFT coupon).


May 2024 - June 2024: NFTRA Token Integration into the Nefitra Project

May 2024: Integrating the utility token into Nefitra.com

  - Implementing the token in the platform's ecosystem.

  - Updating the rewards and payments system.


2024-2025: Security Token and Mobile Application Development

- Q2 2024 - Q1 2025: Development and release of the security token

  - Concept development and legal structuring of the security token.

  - Converting NFTRA utility tokens to security tokens (equity in the company).

Q2-Q4 2024: Development of iOS and Android applications

  - Designing and developing mobile applications.

  - Testing and optimizing the applications.


2025 and Beyond: Service Expansion and Improvement

2025-2026: Enhancing token integration and platform development

  - Expanding the use of tokens across all aspects of the platform.

  - Adding new features and improving the user interface.

2026-2027: Collaborating with trading communities and network expansion

  - Deepening collaboration with trading communities.

  - Developing partnership programs.

  - Establishing a holding company to manage subsidiary projects/companies.


2027 and Beyond: Continuous Updating and Scaling

- Ongoing update and improvement of all project aspects.

- Exploring new opportunities and markets for expansion.

- Developing and issuing a security token for the holding.

- Distributing holding's security tokens (shares) among all subsidiary company security token holders proportionally.

- Completing the development of AI for autonomous trading of company and partner fund capital.


This development plan outlines a strategic and structured approach to the growth and evolution of the Nefitra project, focusing on innovation, community engagement, and continuous improvement.


7. Legal Aspects

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character identifier that uniquely identifies legal entities engaging in financial transactions. It is defined by the ISO 17442 standard.

Each LEI code contains information about the ownership structure of legal entities, thereby answering the questions of "who is who" and "who owns whom." Essentially, the publicly accessible LEI database can be considered an international directory that significantly enhances transparency in the global market.

Individuals are not required to have an LEI number, but they can have one if they act as a business entity. The LEI numbering is global. Data from the LEI register is available to everyone free of charge.

E-Tech Invest OÜ - Estonian Company Details:

E-Tech Invest OÜ is registered with the Commercial Register (Centre of Registers and Information Systems) in Estonia, known as Äriregister (Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus), under the registration number Estonia RA000181 and LEI Code 254900W3VYIB53MZWF16.

E-Tech Invest OÜ provides consulting services under the brand "Nefitra" and operates through the website: https://nefitra.com


8. Contact Information and Project Resources

Project Website: https://nefitra.com

Technical Support: For technical questions or support, use the feedback form on the website or contact via email:help@nefitra.com

Social Media and Community Channels: The project's official social media platforms (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram) provide regular updates and community engagement.

- Telegram support http://t.me/nefitra_official_support

- Telegram eng https://t.me/Nefitra_Official

- Telegram rus https://t.me/Nefitra_Official_rus

- X https://twitter.com/nefitratrading

- Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nefitratrading

- Meta https://www.facebook.com/nefitratrading

- YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@nefitratrading9005

- Medium https://medium.com/@nefitratrading

 - LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/nefitra

- Discord https://discord.gg/JT3Vv9tz

- VK https://vk.com/nefitratrading

Investor Relations and Partnerships: For investment-related inquiries or partnership opportunities, use the contact information provided on the project's website or email: sales@nefitra.com

These resources ensure comprehensive access to all aspects of the NFTRA project, offering opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and detailed understanding of the technical and strategic framework of the project.


9. Appendices

Technical Specifications of the Token Code

Contract Standards: Detailed implementation description of the BEP-20 standard.

Smart Contract Code: Complete code for the NFTRA token, including functions for transferring tokens, balance verification, permission management, and token minting/burning mechanisms.

Tokenomics: Breakdown of token distribution, including allocations for development, marketing, liquidity pool, and other categories.

Functionality: Explanation of token-specific functions such as deflationary mechanisms, transaction fee structures, and reward systems.

Additional featuresAt Nefitra, we are pleased to offer holders of our NFTRA tokens an innovative exchange program that allows the tokens to be used as a hedging tool and access the unique capabilities of our platform. This program provides favorable conditions for investors wishing to maximize the value of their investment in NFTRA tokens, even in volatile market conditions.


10. Security Audits and Reports

Auditing Firms: The smart contract was developed and released by the German company Bitbond GmbH. Company services are available on the website: https://bitbond.com

Audit Reports: BitBond.com audit available at:https://skynet.certik.com/projects/bitbond

These appendices provide critical information for developers, investors, and users, ensuring transparency and trust in the technical infrastructure and security of the NFTRA token. They serve as essential resources for a comprehensive understanding of the token's design and the reliability of its security framework.



The Nefitra project team is composed of individuals with significant experience and expertise in trading, blockchain, marketing, and technological development, ensuring a solid foundation for the successful implementation of the Nefitra project and the introduction of the NFTRA token to the market.


Boris Besker: CEO/Co-founder - A Kraken.com OTC trader and analyst with over a decade of experience in futures, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrency markets. Blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur since 2015.https://www.linkedin.com/in/boris-besker

Sergei Mader: CTO/Co-founder - An IT specialist with 14 years of experience, CEO of the digital agency spacety.ru, and organizer of international conferences.

Sergey Sevantsyan: CIO/Co-founder - A professional in the blockchain industry and crypto influencer with over 25 years in IT, active in shaping and developing various crypto projects, focusing on tokenomics and creating real user value.https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergey-sevantsyan/

Isroilzhon Orifzhonov: PRM - A blockchain technology specialist with 7 years of experience, communicator, and crypto evangelist.https://www.linkedin.com/in/cryptorator

David Burkart: Advisor for Listing Strategy, exchange advisor, and fundraising consultant.https://linkedin.com/in/david-burkart 


Dariia Pavlovska: CRM - Marketer and community manager, iOS developer with over 17 years in digital marketing and about 3 years in trading and crypto market projects.

Albert: SEO - Marketer.

Alex: HR.

This multidisciplinary approach, backed by the team's profound knowledge and experience, enables the Nefitra project to target key issues in the trading market and offer innovative solutions for traders worldwide. Combining blockchain technology with progressive financial strategies places the Nefitra project at the forefront of modern trading platform development.



11. Financial Model of the Project:

Analyzing the purchasing power of our service customers, we conclude that the average bill is $67 (USA).

Let's consider 3 possible scenarios for development (pessimistic = 0.5% conversion, average = 1%, and optimistic = 2% conversions, respectively) based on market statistics.

Percentage increase = (Second Month - First Month) / First Month * 100%

We have prepared a detailed calculation for each month, considering the growth in visits and various levels of conversion:


April - May:

   - Visits: 100,000 people

   - Growth: 100%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 500 people × $67 = $33,500

   - 1% = 1,000 people × $67 = $67,000

   - 2% = 2,000 people × $67 = $134,000

May - June:

   - Visits: 250,000 people

   - Growth: 150%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 1,250 people × $67 = $83,750

   - 1% = 2,500 people × $67 = $167,500

   - 2% = 5,000 people × $67 = $335,000

June - July:

   - Visits: 380,000 people

   - Growth: 152%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 1,900 people × $67 = $127,300

   - 1% = 3,800 people × $67 = $254,600

   - 2% = 7,600 people × $67 = $509,200

July - August:

   - Visits: 450,100 people

   - Growth: 118%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 2,250 people × $67 = $150,750

   - 1% = 4,500 people × $67 = $301,500

   - 2% = 9,000 people × $67 = $603,000

August - September:

   - Visits: 670,410 people

   - Growth: 149%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 3,352 people × $67 = $224,584

   - 1% = 6,704 people × $67 = $449,168

   - 2% = 13,408 people × $67 = $897,800

September - October:

   - Visits: 955,051 people

   - Growth: 142%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 4,775 people × $67 = $319,925

   - 1% = 9,550 people × $67 = $639,850

   - 2% = 19,100 people × $67 = $1,279,700

October - November:

   - Visits: 1,110,156 people

   - Growth: 111%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 5,550 people × $67 = $371,850

   - 1% = 11,100 people × $67 = $743,700

   - 2% = 22,200 people × $67 = $1,487,400

November - December:

   - Visits: 1,550,000 people

   - Growth: 139%

   - Conversion:

   - 0.5% = 7,750 people × $67 = $519,250

   - 1% = 15,500 people × $67 = $1,038,500

   - 2% = 31,000 people × $67 = $2,077,000

The financial model projects revenue based on the growth of site visits and the percentage of those visitors who make a purchase. The calculations indicate significant revenue potential, especially in the optimistic scenario.


The comprehensive financial model for the project, considering the total revenue across all conversion scenarios by the end of 2025, is as follows:

- With a 0.5% conversion rate: $13,469,691

- With a 1% conversion rate: $26,939,382

- With a 2% conversion rate: $53,878,765

These figures reflect the total potential revenue from converting website visitors into income across three different conversion scenarios for the entire year of 2025.


Now, let's consider examples for NFTRA token holders:

1. Activity Rewards: Users receive NFTRA tokens for active participation in the project, such as for purchases, reviews, or participation in surveys.

2. Discounts and Privileges: Token holders can use NFTRA to receive discounts on services or goods within the Nefitra ecosystem or to access exclusive content.

3. Voting and Governance: NFTRA token owners can participate in voting on important project development issues, thereby directly influencing its future.


Integrating the NFTRA token into the previously described scenarios:

Scenario 1: 0.5% Activity:

  - Annual Revenue: $13,469,691

  - NFTRA Token Distribution: Assume 10% of annual profit is directed to rewarding active users with NFTRA tokens, which would be $1,346,969.

- Scenario 2: 1% Activity:

  - Annual Revenue: $26,939,382

  - NFTRA Token Distribution: Similarly, 10% of annual profit, or $2,693,938, is directed to user rewards in tokens.

- Scenario 3: 2% Activity:

  - Annual Revenue: $53,878,765

  - NFTRA Token Distribution: 10% of the annual profit, amounting to $5,387,876, goes to token rewards.


Investing in the NFTRA token could be potentially advantageous for several reasons:

1. Increased Demand and Value: As the project grows and the number of active users increases, the demand for NFTRA tokens may rise, which could lead to an increase in their value.

2. Passive Income: Token owners might receive passive income in the form of rewards for holding the tokens if such a mechanism is provided in the project.

3. Participation in Governance: Owning NFTRA tokens grants voting rights in the project's decision-making, which can be valuable for investors interested in the project's long-term development.

4. Referral and Agency Programs: They offer the opportunity to earn 10% from invitations.

These aspects make an investment in the NFTRA token attractive for those who believe in the potential and growth of the Nefitra project and wish to actively participate in its development.



12. Contribution to the Industry and Future Development

The Nefitra project and the NFTRA token aim not only to improve conditions for traders but also to make a significant contribution to the development of the cryptocurrency market and the DeFi ecosystem. The implementation of proposed business models and integration of the token into the project's ecosystem open new horizons for investors, traders, and market participants seeking to maximize their profits and expand trading opportunities.

In the near future, Nefitra plans to extend its services, including developing and launching mobile applications for iOS and Android, making the platform even more accessible and user-friendly. Additionally, there are plans for further development and integration of artificial intelligence for autonomous trading of company capital and partner fund capital, promising new opportunities for automating trading strategies.



13. Conclusion

The Nefitra project and NFTRA token offer an innovative approach to the trading market, combining advanced blockchain technologies and a deep understanding of traders' needs. The project's implementation and the introduction of the NFTRA token promise to enhance user engagement and loyalty, as well as open new possibilities for growth and development in the financial markets.

The NFTRA White Paper highlights the project's commitment to innovation, transparency, and the development of the trader community. The introduction of the NFTRA token provides unique opportunities for ecosystem participants' interaction and stimulates further development and refinement of the platform. The project team, with extensive experience and knowledge in trading and blockchain technologies, is focused on creating a stable, secure, and scalable platform that will bridge the gap between the traditional financial market and the world of cryptocurrencies.

For additional information, updates, and engagement with the Nefitra project and NFTRA token, please visit the official website and join the community on social media. The project team is open to feedback and committed to maintaining communication with investors and users throughout the development process.

Thank you for your interest in the Nefitra project and the NFTRA token. We value your support and look forward to mutually beneficial collaboration within our growing ecosystem.